A visit to a Science Park – Romax India

To mark the Pearl Anniversary of Romax Technology Ltd, the Romax India team spent the day with children from Saraswati Anath Shikshan Ashram (SASA), a 25-year-old NGO which runs a shelter home for children in need. Besides providing housing, SASA is also working towards the overall development of the children by conducting inhouse classes of Yoga and meditation, along with basic education.

The Romax team took SASA’s children on a day trip to Science Park, Pune, where they could interact with the facilities and learn about new technologies. This truly heartwarming experience highlighted how much children are always willing to learn new things, and all they need is someone to guide and motivate them.

SASA solely survive on donations, if you would like to help please visit their website: https://www.saraswatianathashram.org