Announcing Romax Nexus

Romax launches world-leading new integrated design platform

Over the past 30 years, Romax Technology have been at the forefront of technology exploration, transforming the marketplace by providing expert simulation technology solutions for electro-mechanical drive systems. Having achieved numerous product innovation awards for its software, the company’s flagship product RomaxDESIGNER has grown to become an extremely powerful, wide ranging simulation tool, with users in many different roles, departments and industries.

But the world is changing and Romax continues to innovate with the introduction of the Romax simulation platform.

Andy Poon, CEO at Romax Technology, comments: “We have reimagined our award-winning technologies into an easy-to-access, collaborative suite of software products, focused for the way you work and interfacing to the tools you use. We’ve broken down boundaries to bring people closer together and streamlined workflows to facilitate innovation. Our new solution-oriented software packages will enable you to make smarter decisions faster, empowering you to collaborate and innovate from the heart of a powerful CAE ecosystem.”

Romax offers a complete platform for engineering the next generation of electro-mechanical drive systems, comprising the following products:

  • Romax Concept
    • Rapid and intuitive exploration of drivetrain ideas to enhance the early product development process
  • Romax Enduro
    • Trusted structural simulation and optimisation for the design of durable and robust electro-mechanical drive systems
  • Romax Spectrum
    • Full system NVH simulation from gear and electric machine design through to vehicle sound quality
  • Romax Energy
    • A global efficiency prediction tool for drivetrains and transmissions
  • Romax Spin
    • Advanced simulation of rolling element bearings for bearing designers and application engineers
  • Romax Evolve
    • Electro-mechanical analysis tool for electrical machine designers

These products work independently or together. They can be used by the same person or by separate users, globally, enabling a level of flexibility that just hasn’t been possible before. Additionally, there is complete interoperability between the products, which use a common file format to enable easy exchange of data and collaboration between users working on the same model.

Romax are extremely proud of their extensive partner ecosystem, and the Romax product suite retains and expands upon this, with a wide variety of interfaces to popular partner products, enabling each product to deliver focused workflows that fit into your existing CAE and CAD development environment.

Romax software includes capabilities familiar to existing RomaxDESIGNER users as well as introducing a host of new features and new products, including: new motor design and analysis capability in Romax Evolve, advanced simulation of bearing dynamic behaviour, a new look-and-feel and work-flowed user experience, empowered by more cloud integration, and many more. For more information, please contact your Romax Account Manager, or go to