Corporate Social Responsibility at Romax: 2019

Dec 2019

Corporate Social responsibility is hard to define as every business sees it differently. Therefore, there is no one definition for it. However, at its core, it strengthens the company internally and holds the company socially accountable externally. It demonstrates a commitment in the business to be environmentally conscious, as well as maintain ethical business practices and give back to the community.

An article noted in Forbes found that 86% of sampled businesses believed that CSR made for happier employees and 76% believed that it gave rise to better employees.

At Romax Technology, we believe it to be a tool with which to drive positive change in the local community and as a result, have experienced a hugely successful year supporting our friends at the Linc and Notts air ambulance service. As it stands, we have managed to raise over £2,000 through the organisation and running of monthly events put on by our social committee. These have included everything, from an Easter egg hunt to wine tasting. However, the company reach did not stop there, as company CSR sponsored days were filled with visits to Babbington Dog Rescue and a spot of horticulture to support Reach’s therapeutic garden for people with learning difficulties.

Furthermore, globally our branches are entrusted with taking control of their own CSR focus; which saw the Indian branch taking an active role, giving blood to support patients with Thalassemia and taking children on a trip to the science park in Pune (to name a few).

Ultimately, Corporate Social Responsibility gives Romax the opportunity to be a proactive member of society and help to engineer a better and more positive community. That is why our commitment to CSR will continue through into the New year and the whole of 2020.

You can find out more about our CSR innitiative and everything we do by clicking here.