Romax partners with EASA to create new App for complex gearbox durability analysis


Romax Technology, in partnership with EASA, has developed an app which automates the detailed structural and durability analysis of a gearbox and its key rotating components.

The app uses RomaxDESIGNER: a drivetrain specific CAE tool that allows the creation and analysis of parametric drivetrain models using a combination of FE structures coupled to bespoke gear and bearing contact models. The app was built using EASA, a low-code platform designed to enable engineers and scientists to build web-apps with intuitive graphical user interfaces and simplified inputs and outputs, which connect with a versioncontrolled template of any model on a secure server.

“Using this app, it’s easy to see how a sales application engineer will be able to quickly establish whether an existing design will meet the customer’s requirements. The damage and safety factor information will enable them to see if any design modifications are required and if alternative components need to be specified. These calculations are usually performed by transmission specialists, so the introduction of the app will dramatically accelerate the analysis, enabling the supplier to be much more responsive, whilst reducing the strain on the CAE experts.”

Sebastian Dewhurst, Business Development, EASA

Read the case study in full here.