Electrifying Commercial Vehicles: The race for electrified drivelines

As the development of electrified drivelines for passenger vehicles continue to gather pace, so too does the race for efficient and low-cost solutions for commercial vehicles. In some ways, electrified drivelines for commercial vehicles present a more appealing challenge to OEMs compared to the guessing game for passenger car EVs.

The use of commercial vehicles is typically more clearly defined, maintenance schedules are more structured and the environmental operating conditions of the target market are usually known. The demand for commercial vehicles is driven by different market forces compared to passenger vehicles.

As OEMs are beginning the journey into commercial EVs, many have started by using off-the-shelf components. Commercially available e machines mated to existing ICE axles and generic power electronics will provide a starting point, however, it has rapidly become clear that an optimised and integrated solution is needed.

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