Burke E. Porter Machinery and Romax Technology form partnership

Burke E. Porter Machinery (BEP) and Romax Technology have joined forces to advance utility scale wind turbine test offerings. The two companies signed a collaborative agreement that will focus on the development of gearbox and drive-train test stands for current and next generation wind turbines.

With 50 years experience in the global supply of advanced electrical, mechanical, and software test solutions for the world’s major automakers, auto suppliers, universities, and government institutions, BEP is well positioned to tackle the challenges of wind turbine testing. The Michigan based company has already migrated its expertise to large scale R&D, validation, and highly accelerated life cycle testing (HALT) dynamometer systems for the wind industry and is currently building a multi-megawatt wind turbine gearbox test stand.

Romax, a globally recognized expert in the design and analysis of mechanical drive-trains, is also using its knowledge of developing wind energy systems to advance wind turbine testing. With 20 years experience providing technical consultancy, design services, and software for gearboxes, drive-trains and bearings, Romax has a unique understanding of turbine systems and extensive experience in turbine test specification, validation, certification and manufacturing. Working alongside wind energy’s leading manufacturers and developers, Romax is currently using its knowledge and experience to evolve innovative techniques for turbine testing.

The wind industry is beginning to acknowledge that the effective deployment of the new generation of multi-megawatt machines requires a new approach to their design, testing and certification. The development of testing facilities, expertise and effective testing methodology is crucial for wind turbines to meet demands for increased reliability and reduced costs of energy. Both BEP and Romax recognize this need and it is anticipated that successful integration of expertise from these drive-train and testing specialists will help address this issue and transform the way wind turbines are tested and certified.

David DeBoer, President of Burke E. Porter Machinery, stated: “The expertise and technology collaboration between a drive-train design firm such as Romax and a drive-train test system firm such as Burke E. Porter Machinery is expected to significantly advance the value-add to our customers, and ensure our products are at the forefront of the wind industry’s requirements.”

“We are delighted to form this collaborative partnership with reputable test systems manufacturer Burke E. Porter,” said Andy Poon, Director of Renewable Energy of Romax Technology. “Our aim is to utilize both companies’ unique expertise in the holistic development of drive-trains, testing methods and test equipment; which we hope will rapidly advance the quality and reliability of the utility scale wind turbine market worldwide.”

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