China Produces First 3MW Wind Turbine as a Result of Successful Dalian Huarui and Romax Technology Collaboration

China’s first 3MW wind turbine gearbox, developed by Dalian Huarui and Romax Technology, has passed stringent nacelle testing and has been successfully installed, as part of the Sinovel 3MW turbine, in China’s first offshore wind farm off the coast of Shanghai.

Testing for the gearbox was successfully completed in February and it passed all required nacelle tests to prove its suitability for use in the Sinovel 3MW turbine – the largest wind turbine to be produced in China. To mark the importance of this achievement for the Chinese wind energy industry, testing was witnessed by Vice Director of National Development and Reform Commission and Head of National Energy Administration, Mr. Zhang Guobao and Deputy Mayor of Dalian City, Xiao Shengfeng.

Following testing, the gearbox which was designed by Romax and manufactured by Dalian Huarui Co. Ltd, is now being installed in China’s first offshore wind farm, Shanghai East Sea Wind farm. The wind farm, operated by Shanghai East Sea Electric Limited and a key national renewable energy project, will use 34 units of the Sinovel 3MW wind turbines, containing the Romax-Dalian Huarui Co. Ltd gearbox.

The installation of the Sinovel 3MW turbine in an offshore site marks a significant achievement for Chinese wind energy and is another accomplishment in the country’s aim to foster a strong domestic wind energy industry. However, the installation also signifies the successful collaboration between UK technical consultancy Romax Technology and Chinese manufacturing company Dalian Huarui.

The joint project began in December 2007, and the detailed design was finalized by Romax in June 2008, with Dalian Huarui producing the first prototype in December 2008. Throughout the duration of the 15 month long project, both companies worked together closely, with teams from Romax and Dalian Huarui visiting head offices in the UK and China to conduct intensive technical discussion. The gearbox is now at the final stage of design assessment from Germanischer Lloyd, the leading certification body in wind energy.

Romax provided full technical support including concept design for the gearbox, detailed design and optimisation, technology training, prototyping and test support as well as certification support. In turn, Dalian Huarui provided its expertise in the manufacturing and testing of the prototype. Romax’s own manufacturing experts also conducted a full audit of Dalian Huarui’s manufacturing site and offered advice on a wide range of manufacturing issues such as heat treatment and materials. As the gearbox is installed, both parties have acknowledged the success of the collaboration.

Andy Poon, Director of Wind Energy said ‘Romax are privileged to have worked with Dalian Huarui, a progressive and dynamic company that is likely to play an increasing role in the Chinese and global wind energy industry. We consider installation of the gearbox a great success and an indication of the strength of the collaboration between the two companies.’

Mr. Chen Lixin, Assistant General Manager of DHI-DCW Group, (former Director of DHI-DCW Group Reducer Works) commented, ‘We are delighted at the achievements of our collaboration with Romax Technology, for both the quality of the results and the time frame in which we have accomplished them. In Romax we have found a partner that has accelerated our knowledge and capabilities in gearbox design and enabled Dalian Huarui to deliver an exceptional product for our clients. We hope that the 3MW gearbox will mark the first of many future collaborations between Romax and Dalian Huarui.’

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