Romax Solutions signs MOU with the Automotive Research Association of India for active development of automotive gearbox technology

Romax Technology is pleased to announce its collaboration with the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). Representatives from the two companies, Mr. Seiwoong Oh, Director of Romax Solutions and Dr. N. V Marathe, Senior Deputy Director for the Engine Development Lab in Arai), signed a Memorandum of Understanding earlier this month for the development and active promotion of automotive gearbox technology to the Indian engineering market. As part of the agreement, Romax and ARAI will organise regular technical seminars aimed at educating and informing Indian engineers in automotive OEMs, gearbox manufacturers and academia as well as ARAI members.

The first joint two day technology transfer seminar took place on 15 and 16 September in Pune, India, hosted by Dr. K. C. Vora, Director and Head of ARAI Academy. The seminar was aimed at promoting a greater understanding of automotive transmissions particularly looking at design practices including design layout, its performance relating to gear ratio selection and gear geometry.

Over 100 student and industry engineers attended including students from Chennai University who joined via webinar. Mr. Seiwoong Oh delivered the opening speech and experts from Romax’s Transport team, including Chief Engineer Barry James, delivered presentations on a wide range of technical areas including trends in automotive transmissions, the life cycle of automotive transmissions, gear ratio selection and requirements for the design process and methods required for hybrid drivelines. Mr. Michael Barnes, Engineering Specialist at Romax also gave a presentation on tractor transmission types and functions which was very well received by audience members.

The seminar is another example of how Romax is actively forging strong links with the global automotive industry and academia as well as educating engineers at the grassroots level. This partnership is a great way to develop and support ARAI members in expanding their knowledge on automotive transmissions.  It also offers an opportunity for members to discuss pertinent topics in detail with technical experts.  ARAI Senior Assistant Director, Dr. A. Sekar, who enjoyed working with Romax on the seminar, said, “ARAI is delighted to be working in partnership with Romax and to have delivered this seminar. It has provided a great learning opportunity and supported our members in furthering their knowledge on a range of topics, which is vital if they are to succeed in this competitive market.”

Upcoming seminars from Romax and ARAI will focus on topics such as hybrid drivetrains, bearings and their international standards, NVH testing, gearbox NVH testing and high-end CAE analysis. These are all topics that will appeal to many automotive engineers and will help to increase their knowledge in the relevant subject area.

Romax CEO Dr Peter Poon commented on the value of the event.  “This seminar shows India’s desire for a greater understanding of the technical issues within the automotive sector. With our experience in automotive gearbox design and analysis coupled with ARAI’s industry knowledge, we are both dedicated to assisting Indian companies fulfil their potential in this industry.”

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