Samsung to Enter Wind Energy Market with Support from Romax Technology

Samsung Heavy Industries is to enter the wind energy market with the support of technical solutions and product engineering company Romax Technology. Romax has been selected by Samsung to assist in the development of its first product, a large scale onshore wind turbine.

The Korean company is determined to bring Samsung’s brand of quality design, expert manufacture and high value to the wind industry. As one of the world’s largest shipbuilders and with vast experience of heavy industry, Samsung is well placed to enter the wind energy market and realise its ambitions to become one of the leading suppliers of wind turbines.

The turbine will be their first product for the wind energy market. A number of specialist companies will work on the turbine concept, coordinated by Samsung’s engineering team in Korea. Romax have been identified for their experience in gearbox design and their expertise in drivetrain systems engineering. The UK based consultancy will provide dynamic analysis of the drivetrain as well as consultancy services for the development of key drivetrain components to ensure the final design is efficient, robust and achieves a long life. Romax will use its advanced simulation and analysis software, RomaxWIND, to aid them in the development of the drivetrain components and will support Samsung through the certification process.

Throughout the project Romax will be working closely with other companies involved in the project, including fellow UK consultancy Garrad Hassan, who are developing the turbine concept and supplying load data. As a new entrant into the global wind turbine market, Samsung need to ensure its new product will get to market quickly. ‘Time is a critical factor for our success in wind energy and that is one of the key reasons we selected Romax. Not only for their expertise in gearbox design and drivetrain analysis but also for their ability to work effectively and quickly within our existing engineering team,’ says Dr Jaedoo Lee, Samsung Project Manager.

“It is a great privilege for Romax to work with Samsung on their first venture in wind energy,” said Andy Poon, Director of Renewable Energy at Romax Technology. “Samsung is a globally recognised company, well known for quality, technically advanced products – values that align well with the Romax philosophy. We are looking forward to delivering Samsung quick and effective solutions that will help them realise their ambitions in wind energy.”

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