GL certifies software for RomaxWIND

Romax Technology Limited’s world leading virtual development platform, RomaxWIND, has been officially certified by GL Renewables Certification (GL) as a recognised method of calculating gear loads.

Forming part of their certification offerings, RomaxWIND software can help to shorten the time taken to gain “A” Design Assessment approval by outputting gear load calculation reports that are using a method certified by GL.

Validating gear load calculation assumptions and methods can lengthen the certification process, as they must be verified to ensure they are within acceptable limits. GL’s approval of Romax software however means RomaxWIND users do not need to go through the method verification process, allowing more rapid certification and product deployment.

Dr Karl Steingroever from GL Renewables Certification comments: “I am very pleased to announce that we have reached this important milestone in calculations methods for wind turbine gearboxes. RomaxWIND is the first software of its kind to meet the stringent certification requirements of GL, and is the result of a number of years of close working between Romax and GL.”

Certification and testing support is part of Romax’s comprehensive wind energy offering, which also includes gearbox, drivetrain and bearing design and analysis, manufacturing support and aftermarket services. Recent certification successes include gearbox and drive trains from major manufacturers such as Samsung, DHI.DCW, Hyosung, TECO and Romax. They are keen to embed their certification knowledge and validation methods into their software.

“Romax software has long been at the forefront of engineering understanding and virtual product development,” says Andy Poon, Director of Renewable Energy at Romax. “The GL certification for this element of our software validates our methods and signifies the latest in the long line of world firsts for our software.”

GL and Romax will continue to work together on the validation methods for wind turbine gearbox design, and it is hoped that further elements of the RomaxWIND software are certified, affording the wind energy industry a truly unique tool for the design, development and certification of turbine gearboxes.

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