Romax India achieves BS EN ISO 9001-2008 for its O&M and Technical Support activities

Romax India’s O&M and Technical support teams have been awarded the internationally recognized ISO 9001-2008 quality standard for the delivery of its services to the wind energy industry. Achievement of the standard demonstrates the high quality of Romax’s service delivery as well as their commitment to effective safety procedures.

Romax’s experienced and long established O&M and Technical teams serve some of the largest organizations in the Indian wind energy market, providing such services as gearbox & bearing inspections, vibration assessment, root cause analysis & retrofit engineering for smooth running & profitability of wind turbines.

Working in the hazardous environment of the wind turbine nacelle, the standard confirms Romax India’s adherence to quality and safety procedures relating to machinery monitoring and operations and maintenance activities.

The standard, awarded by QMS International, also approves quality management systems for Romax India’s engineering research and development, software development, consultancy services and training.

“Romax India strives to be at the forefront of quality service delivery so this endorsement of our quality management systems is very welcome” said Daniel Poon, Director of Romax’s India operations. “This quality certificate confirms our on going commitment to meet and exceed the expectations of our Indian customers, particularly in the critical area of operations and maintenance, where we can deliver European wind industry levels of safety and quality.”

Stephen Wilkinson, Group Health, Safety & Environment Manager for Romax, acknowledged the achievement and outlined plans for the maintenance of the standard. “To continue the achievement of this certification, training will be set up for all managers and employees together with a rigorous audit programme to ensure that Romax India not only complies with the International Standard but constantly improves, thus demonstrating Romax India’s delivery of quality and safety assured services to its current and future customers.”

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