Romax participates in UKs £11m Wind Innovation Programme

Romax Technology has been awarded funding from the UK government’s Regional Growth Fund to advance their expert capabilities in gearbox and drivetrain engineering for the development of next generation wind turbines.

Romax will lead the project to investigate advanced wind turbine drivetrains and leverage their world leading knowledge of drivetrain engineering and simulation to develop a new complex toolset, which includes the mechanical and electrical aspects, for the rapid design and analysis of reliable wind turbine drivetrains.

The project will address the needs of the UK offshore market and help the industry to develop optimised drivetrain solutions that are reliable and efficient; decreasing the overall cost of wind energy worldwide. Utilising Romax’s wind turbine drivetrain engineering experience and advanced simulation technology, the project will be conducted in partnership with the Electrical Machines and Drives research group at the University of Sheffield.

Dr Peter Poon, Romax CEO, said “As project leaders, we are delighted that this work has been selected for support by the Regional Growth Fund. The timing of the announcement is perfect for enabling Romax to continue our existing work to accelerate the development of world leading drivetrain solutions for the wind industry.”

The project is part of an £11 million ‘Wind Innovation Programme’ led by Narec, intended to bring together offshore market leaders with world-class technology providers and academia in the UK. Comprised of 7 technology focussed projects, the programme will help to sustain the UK’s leading position in the offshore wind sector by driving the commercial development of innovative new products and services.

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