Romax supports QCMT&T to establish their position as quality gearbox supplier to the wind energy industry

Romax has provided bespoke gearbox design programme to Qinchuan Machine Tool & Tool (QCMT&T) enabling it to transform its Chinese industrial manufacturing business into a key gearbox supplier to the wind energy industry.

The result of the collaboration, a joint designed 1.5MW gearbox, has recently passed the GL A-DA certification, the highest level of certification in the industry for component level. This success is a significant achievement in QCMT&T’s continued progression in wind energy and also signifies their capability to design gearboxes capable of meeting global standards.

The collaboration between Romax began in 2008, when QCMT&T contacted Romax seeking for support to develop their standing in the wind energy market. Romax has since provided a comprehensive support package including manufacturing support, testing and certification support, advanced technical training and technology transfer.

During the period of collaboration, QCMT&T purchased several copies of simulation and analysis tool RomaxWind and received advanced training on gearbox design and RomaxWind software. This process of technology transfer provided QCMT&T a rare opportunity to access the latest innovations in wind turbine gearbox design and build a highly competent engineering team within a rapid timeframe.

Through the course of the collaboration, QCMT &T not only produced the 1.5MW gearbox and developed their design capabilities, but also improved their facilities and built a dedicated offshore wind factory in China’s Yancheng, Jiangsu province. Their production capacity has reached 1500(MW level) gearboxes per year, making QCMT&T the largest manufacturer of wind turbine gearboxes in China.

Mr Xingyuan Long, Chairman of QCMT&T commented,”In today’s challenging economic environment, QCMT&T insists on technical innovation and product R&D. Due to our great efforts, we have not only advanced our standing in traditional manufacturing but also established our position as a global wind gearbox supplier. Through the continued specialist support of Romax, the 1.5MW gearbox has awarded the GL A-DA certification creating excellent foundations for future collaborations. Relying on the advantage of Wind Power Industrial Park in Yancheng, Jiangsu and the support of Romax, QCMT&T is very confident to go further in the future.”

Dr Peter Poon, CEO of Romax technology said “We are delighted to witness QCMT&T’s recent and significant achievements and are proud to have been able to share our innovation with such a valued customer. With a strong manufacturing history, QCMT&T seized an opportunity to enter the wind energy market and are now enjoying a strong position. We look forward to continuing our relationship with QCMT&T and contributing further to their success.”

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