Romax’s technology transfer sees CQWJ successfully build gearbox manufacturing capabilities in wind energy

A unique collaboration between Romax Technology Ltd (Romax) and Chongqing Wangjiang Industrial Co. Ltd (CQWJ) has enabled the Chinese manufacturer to transform its industrial manufacturing business into a key gearbox supplier to the wind energy industry.

Following a technology transfer programme delivered by Romax, CQWJ has manufactured Romax designed 1.5MW and 2MW gearboxes, both of which have recently been awarded GL Renewables A-DA certification. As a result of the technology transfer, CQWJ has also developed variations of both gearboxes by its Romax trained design engineers.

With a strong background in industrial manufacturing and ambitions to become a major wind turbine gearbox supplier, CQWJ approached Romax to support them in developing their existing capabilities to supply gearboxes for multi-megawatt turbines.

A two year technology transfer programme was undertaken, with Romax providing complete technical support, from assessing existing manufacturing capabilities, through critical engineering training in design, development, testing and certification.

During the first collaboration for the 1.5MW gearbox, the Chinese company’s engineers travelled to Romax’s UK head office to undertake an intensive programme of technical training. This included training for the use of Romax’s gearbox design software, RomaxWIND, as well as best practice design and manufacturing procedures. Romax provided a full set of drawings and full manufacturing, testing, and certification support.

The 2MW gearbox project saw a closer collaboration between two companies. CQWJ engineers, already trained by Romax in the initial project, received further gearbox design instruction and advanced training. Romax engineers led the concept and detailed design, working alongside counterparts in CQWJ at the detailed design stage.

Following both projects, CQWJ have built up a highly capable technical team, who can develop variations of the gearboxes independently, using RomaxWIND design tool. Both gearboxes have now been successfully tested, and are now in serial production stages with some already installed. The gearboxes have been supplied to several wind turbine manufacturers including Baoding Tianwei, New United, and Huayi Wind.

Mr. Guangfu Li, General Manager of CQWJ, reflected “We chose to work with Romax Technology because they have very strong technological capabilities and solid business experience in this field. The technology transfer programme they have delivered has rapidly accelerated our capabilities in wind energy, and allowed us to make a time critical move into wind energy.”

Dr. Xiaobing Hu, Director of Romax China, said “At Romax, we are dedicated to sharing technical innovation with local manufacturers who, like CQWJ, have global aspirations.  It is a critical activity for the industry because as more and more local suppliers develop capabilities to serve a global market, equipment and energy costs will reduce.”

With certification achieved, it is expected the gearboxes will supply the strong wind energy market in Chinese market, as well as fulfilling CQWJ’s international export ambitions.

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