Invest in the future of your wind turbine health by getting InSightful

Romax Technology has announced the immediate availability of its latest release of the InSight wind turbine health management platform. This is the core part of Romax’s suite of products and services for the wind industry.

For offshore and onshore wind farms, the InSight platform enables wind farm owners and operators to combine data from wind turbine CMS and SCADA on a single intuitive system. A hardware independent tool, InSight enables the user to collate and easily visualise the health of individual turbines and the entire fleet, in turn reducing operating costs, improving maintenance and investment planning and maximising revenue and energy generation.

As the offshore wind market grows and an increasing number of turbines are coming out of their end-of-warranty periods, there is a critical need for a system to enable predictive maintenance planning for the wind turbine drivetrain.

Reports show that over 32% of wind farm failures are due to gearbox failure, followed by 23% in generator failures. Having foresight of potential issues means replacements can be properly planned and executed to ensure they are as cost effective as possible. Already, InSight products have monitored and analysed over 1.6 GW of assets.

The use of simulation software that can provide detailed, 24/7 diagnosis into the health of a wind turbine via our monitoring services with reporting across US, EU and Asia, delivers savings of millions of pounds when factors such as vessel costs, downtime and replacement parts are considered.

With a combination of InSight and expert services, Romax work with operators to independently analyse data, make recommendations and undertake solutions to minimise cost and downtime. InSight was first launched at EWEA 2012 and Romax’s suite of products and services is to date addressing the whole life-cycle management, from software to engineering, for clients in Europe, USA and Asia.

“We’re very excited about this next generation capability for moving wind farm owners and operators from reactive to proactive management of their wind farm which enables increased uptime, reduced cost and improved revenue” said Dr Poon, CEO Romax

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