R&D and industry standards are talk-of-the-town at Romax European Summit

Research & Development, as well as industry standards impacting design & engineering, were the key topics of discussion amongst attendees at the Romax European Summit, which took place on 15th & 16th October at the Darmstadtium Conference Centre in Darmstadt, Germany.

The annual event is one of the most significant dates in the Romax calendar and aims to provide attendees with a range of topics for all user levels across a variety of industry and product areas, while at the same time offering insight into Romax and its portfolio. Romax presented its product line and showcased its applications and products to existing and potential customers, as well as providing a platform to discuss key industry issues.

The event saw attendees from over 20 of the biggest automotive and manufacturing organisations from across the globe descend on Darmstadt, Germany, to discuss an array of topics.

Amongst the key theme of driveline design and development, attendees were also invited to share opinions about the latest industry standards & regulation, as well as the advancements to research & development across manufacturing.

Younsu Park, sales director at Romax commented that this year’s event provided the ideal backdrop to discuss a whole host of topics: “Collectively, we feel that this year’s European Summit, really cut to the core of some of the biggest issues impacting the engineering and design space. We had representatives from some of the biggest automotive and manufacturing firms across the world in attendance and this allowed for a wealth of knowledge and discussion to be shared. It certainly provided us with a lot of food-for-thought and we look forward to adapting and integrating some of the topic areas, particularly industry standards, into next year’s programme.”

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