Romax Presents How to Accelerate Time to Market and Increase Innovation

Romax Technology has just completed a series of solution based webinars describing how to accelerate time to market, increase innovation and reduce cost in driveline design and development by performing analysis and simulation to the concept phase of design.

This series was aimed at ground vehicle and wind energy manufacturing and their tier 1 suppliers. The webinar is hosted on demand on the Romax youtube channel at

For global manufacturers and designers, leadership in vehicle and drivetrain planning and engineering is key. The webinar content leverages Romax Technology’s expertise in the driveline design and development process to address the need for analysis in the concept stage of the design process and help organizations to streamline processes and reduce time to adopt a more technology enabled position.

Frequent design changes, problems found too late, making trade-offs for cost, performance and quality, workforce restrictions and lack of technical experts are all issues faced by the driveline design and development which can result in longer cycles ultimately impacts on costs, reduces innovation and increases product warranty liabilities.

Addressing these issues will ultimately mean a more robust design, with reduced iterations during development and optimized management – of time, budget and resources.

View the webinar to understand how to overcome the process, organisation and technical challenges.

For more information about Romax Technology or to find out more about our revolutionary products and services please visit

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