Romax selected for high performance management of Bankend Rig wind farm

Romax Technology’s advanced predictive maintenance platform, Romax InSight, has been successfully installed on the UK wind farm Bankend Rig.

Romax was selected to deploy their latest innovative technology on the wind farm which allows users to monitor warning signs for the early detection of wind turbine failures.

Working alongside Wilson Renewables LLP, Romax have completed the installation of its InSight suite of predicative maintenance tools successfully on the site in South Lanarkshire, UK, as part of a five year contract to monitor the performance of the wind farm’s 11 Siemens 1.3 MW turbines. The completion comes only weeks after the announcement of Romax’s predictive maintenance software and services which offer significant breakthroughs in wind turbine maintenance and actively allow users of the technology including owners, operators and asset managers, to reduce maintenance costs whilst minimising downtime and optimising turbine reliability.

Romax have been responsible for the design, build, installation and testing of all parts of the system, including CMS cabinets, sensors and cabling, network infrastructure and all control building hardware.

Andy Poon, Director of InSight, said – ‘This is a fantastic achievement for the InSight team, we have successfully installed and commissioned our system while working in a hostile Scottish winter. The project at Bankend Rig comes at a very exciting phase for us as we work to provide owners and operators with the ability to manage their wind farm reliability across the world. Our technology really is at the forefront of innovation in delivering a mechanism that allows significant cost savings through ensuring predictability of turbine performance via optimised, predictive maintenance scheduling’.

The leading-edge InSight software allows a combination of data from wind turbine CMS and SCADA to be unified on a single intuitive platform. Hardware independent, this enables the user to collate and easily visualise the health of individual wind turbines and the whole fleet.

The technology will allow the operator, with or without Romax support, the ability to monitor turbine health; lowering downtime and operational costs. With the use of the InSight platform, parts, labour and access equipment can be planned early, perhaps during a low-wind season or to coincide with the maintenance of other machines.

Wilson Renewables Director James Lowther, said “The InSight suite of predictive maintenance tools offers a way to greatly enhance the management of our fleet. The innovative suite of products and services offers advanced and intuitive collation of CMS data into a single dashboard allowing us and Romax to accurately view turbine health.”

“We have found their team of engineers responsive and friendly, but more importantly, they offer an unrivalled expertise to allow us to reduce turbine downtime and as a result improve our profitability.”

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