Romax Takes CONCEPT to the Next Level for Full Driveline Planning and Conceptual Design

CONCEPT enables users to rapidly plan, develop and test concept driveline design options and then pass to Romax’s flagship, RomaxDESIGNER product for detailed design and analysis.

The new release of CONCEPT helps to further deliver on the Romax vision of streamlining the end-to-end planning to manufacture process with open easy-to-use software solutions and further extends Romax Technology’s reach into the early design phase.

“When CONCEPT hit the market in 2012, it enabled rapid conceptual design and analysis for transmissions, initial layout analysis and helped drive a completely new and seamless design and development process from concept to manufacturing,” said Jamie Pears, product manager, Romax Technology. “This latest version significantly increases the functionality, adding an intelligent, constraints-based concept design approach and whole system driveline calculations. In a single application, the solution now enables rapid modelling, visualization and analysis of concept designs.”

Using industry-leading analytical methods from RomaxDESIGNERCONCEPT allows users to quickly and accurately validate design options for driveline or gearbox models, identify issues and iteratively modify the design at an early stage. This significantly reduces cost, and accelerates time to market, helping users avoid costly design changes later in the process.

“The new release contains a much higher level of built-in intelligence than the original solution,” adds Pears. “It acts as a guide for users, helping them optimize the design in the early design phase even if they have little prior analysis knowledge or expertise. This new technology increases productivity by enabling a broad set of users to perform concept stage calculations rather than having to rely on knowledge currently embedded within a small group of highly-experienced users.

“The latest version of the software also helps streamline the process and save time for users by ‘walking them through’ the gear design procedure; helping them select suitable bearings, for example, and enabling them to make informed decisions as early as possible in the process,” he adds. “Critically too, this rapid design feedback also allows users to analyze and assess a greater range of options much more quickly and therefore drives flexibility of choice and by extension, innovation. By initiating a continuous design development process, customers can get the best results in a short a time as possible and ultimately derive more value from the design process.”

CONCEPT can be used in multiple ways – as a stand-alone conceptual modelling and calculation solution tool; in conjunction with RomaxDESIGNER to fully virtualize the concept-to-manufacture process; by utilizing Romax’s CAD Fusion data import and export module, directly connect to CAD, proprietary gear modeling tools and other analytical tools; or with Romax’s Dynamic FUSION to intelligently generate models for Multibody Dynamic Analysis.

CONCEPT employs two approaches to rapidly initiate the conceptual design process. One approach is, intelligent constraint-based design enables users to set key gearbox constraints including torque number of gears and weight. Using Romax’s proven technology; CONCEPT creates a seed concept design which can then be edited.

The other approach is, a fast drag-and-drop interface allows visualization and analysis of concept designs, results in shorter time-to-market and higher end-product reliability. Intuitive design methods create an efficient modeling environment which is as easy as using pen and paper. All components can be added, moved, and re-sized with just the click of a mouse.

When users are happy with the design layout, it can be transferred to RomaxDESIGNER for further analysis and refinement.

Several leading vehicle manufacturers are already using the original version of CONCEPT and driving the direction of the new version through a trial and feedback process.

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