Romax delivers end of warranty inspection contract with Statkraft for Sheringham Shoal wind farm

Romax Technology has provided Europe’s largest renewable energy company Statkraft with end of warranty inspection services and maintenance training for its Sheringham Shoal wind farm site.

Operated by Statkraft and jointly owned with the Norwegian gas and oil company Statoil, Sheringham Shoal is one of the UK’s largest wind farms with 88 Siemens 3.6MW turbines.

Romax provided full turbine inspections for the entire wind farm, including main bearings, gearbox, electric cabinets and blade inspection. By enlisting the help of Romax, Statkraft was able to assess the status of their wind turbines and confidently enter end of warranty negotiations with the manufacturer.

Romax Technology uses its wind turbine gearbox design and testing experience in offering operations and maintenance services and has developed a range of performance and health monitoring software tools and services. The diagnostic and prognostic tools enable wind farm owners and operators to coordinate predictive maintenance strategies to reduce the cost and improve the yield from their wind farms.  Romax currently monitors over 2 GW of wind turbines globally, including over 40% of the UK’s offshore fleet.

Jason Halsey, Plant Manager at Statkraft commented: “The end of warranty project with Romax presented an opportunity for us to gain a greater understanding and visibility of our wind turbines. We enlisted their support because of their strong reputation in the wind turbine industry. The inspection report findings arising from this project will help us to make significant savings and benchmark the health of our turbines for future use.”

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