Romax Global Forum 2014 is a success

Taking place at the Darmstadium in Germany, Romax was joined by its customers and peers to discuss key themes of importance to the automotive, bearings, heavy industry, rail and wind energy sectors.

The two day event was heralded by CEO Andy Poon as ‘the best yet’ and presented the perfect opportunity to host the company’s first ever user group; a format for its customers to discuss key issues they faced and find solutions which it will continue with on a annual basis.

Keynote speaker Mike McKay, Head of the Advanced Concepts and Technologies Office, and Head of the Explorations Missions Office, European Space Agency said of the conference –

‘Right First Time is a concept that is critical across many industries – Romax’ Global Forum 2014 was a great opportunity for people from many sectors to get together and discuss why it is important within their own applications, and how they go about achieving it.’

– Michael McKay, European Space Agency.

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