Romax Technology India present at the 4th Conference & Exhibition, Wind IPP Summit India

India has set a target of achieving overall wind energy installed capacity of 27,300 MW by 2017 and 38,500 MW by 2022, creating a US$ 31.25 billion opportunity in the wind energy market in India till 2022.

Won Shin, Head of engineering for Asia Pacific Wind O&M business at Romax Technology is leading a range of consultancy projects related to wind farm management, performance improvement, failure investigation activities for various clients in India, China, Korea and Japan.

Won Shin presented to the conference on ‘What is the best practice for ‘WTG End of Warranty Inspection’?. Covering the importance of end of warranty inspection including; addressing the defects and deficiencies at the OEM’s expense, understanding the health, performance and condition of your wind turbine fleet, in addition to inspection tools and how Romax offers a complete set of solutions throughout the Wind O&M Lifecycle. Within the presentation Romax gave examples of its engineering expertise and experience gained through the running of 20 global insight projects which Romax holds amongst its successful track record.

If you would like to talk to a member of the InSight team about its products and solutions, please email: or visit the InSight website for further information.

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