Hyundai use Romax software to accelerate product delivery

A leading Korea-based automotive and machine tools business, Hyundai WIA produce a large range of high-tech products for a range of industries. Their five R&D centres (Uiwang, Hwasung and Changwon in Korea, Detroit in the USA, and Frankfurt in Germany) are focused on using innovation to help ‘build a better future for all’.

Across several departments and engineering teams, Romax software is used in order to streamline processes, increase understanding of designs at an early stage in development, and ensure the final product is of expected quality. Both CONCEPT and RomaxDESIGNER form essential parts of Hyundai WIA’s ‘Agile Develop’ process, which has accelerated product delivery by taking customer requests into design assessment and detailed design far more quickly than before.

It is both the whole-system approach of Romax software and the ability to conduct investigations far earlier in the design and development process which has brought great benefit to Hyundai WIA.

“Romax software is extremely helpful to design Right First Time™, including both part optimisation and process optimisation,” says Kisung Lee, Senior Research Engineer. “Time and cost savings with great results are the main reason Hyundai WIA use Romax software.”

For more detail, download the full case study >>

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