Kruger Energy enlists Romax for condition monitoring services support

Romax Technology Ltd, has announced that it is to provide condition monitoring services for Kruger Energy, a business unit of Kruger Inc., specialising in the development and management of green and renewable energy power plants.

For over 25 years, Romax has been a global leader in providing solutions to design, develop, deploy and monitor wind turbine drivetrains. Through its engineering services and software, Romax is able to provide wind plant owners and operators with predictive maintenance strategies that improve reliability and reduce O&M costs.

As part of the agreement with Kruger Energy, Romax will provide condition-monitoring services for two sites – Kruger Energy Chatham (KEC) and Port Alma (KEPA), both of which are located in the Ontario municipality of Chatham-Kent. Each farm has a total of 44 wind turbines per site, generating enough energy to power over 60,000 households across Ontario.

The condition monitoring services will include an in-depth analysis, carried out eight times a year, based on the vibration data obtained from the fleet turbines. As a result of this, Romax will work with Kruger to monitor and analyse the wind turbines in order to increase reliability and availability, prevent breakdowns and facilitate cost efficient maintenance.

J.J. Davis from Kruger Energy commented: “Romax provides clear and concise reporting that delivers early warning and damage trending for drivetrain component failures, enabling us to gain an increased understanding of the condition of our fleet.”

Ashley Crowther from Romax commented: “Increasingly, more and more wind farm operators are understanding the importance of installing effective condition monitoring services. As the industry strives to drive innovation, central to this will be improvements made in the field of O&M. The work with Kruger Energy is designed to provide them with the capabilities to minimise the risk and potential impact of turbine failure and downtime, and ultimately improve the efficiency of its wind energy operations.”

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