Mazda chooses RomaxDESIGNER for their design and development processes

Mazda, one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers, uses RomaxDESIGNER in their design and development processes, creating innovative transmission systems for a wide range of product lines. Their “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom” environmental policy ensures that their designs satisfy high efficiency targets, but Mazda also know that customers are looking for more from their vehicles than just good fuel consumption and low emissions.

In their most recent project, the development of SKYACTIV technology, their aim is to balance environmental needs with fuel economy, robustness, safety and performance; creating a vehicle which is fun to drive, but also delivers across a range of critical criteria. Mazda have used Romax software since 2005, and tell us that “We chose Romax because it was the only software that satisfied our needs… Romax provides a short computation time plus a friendly user-interface.” Embracing Romax’ Right First TimeTM methodologies, Mazda note that “Romax clearly helps us to move closer to this ideal.”

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