Romax helps Korea’s fastest growing wind power company to increase its annual capacity factor by 4%

Jeju Energy Corporation (JEC) has a number of wind farms in Korea which have been in operation for over 12 years. Suffering from underperformance and frequent breakdowns, JEC realised they needed to act fast in order to enable better power performance.

Having successfully brought four failing wind turbines back to health in 2012 for JEC, Romax were a natural choice to help fix their more current issues. For four months, a team of Romax experts worked on 239 under-performance issues. The outcome was very successful, with significant performance improvement for JEC.

“We achieved the target to increase the capacity factor by 4% and availability by 10% with
the high quality, systematic preventative maintenance strategy implemented by Romax

– Jeju Energy Corporation

As part of the project, Romax also implemented a preventative maintenance strategy to help JEC secure long-term wind farm health.

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