Romax InSight supports Eurus Energy America with the biggest gearbox re-engineering and refurbishment project

Romax Technology, the world’s leading independent gearbox designer and provider of software and services for predictive maintenance has announced that it will be supporting Eurus Energy America (EEA) with its largest ever gearbox re-engineering and refurbishment project, across two EEA sites.

The project, at Combine Hills II in Oregon and Bull Creek Wind in Texas, is to carry out a thorough design upgrade and support remanufacturing of the units. With a proactive program to minimise long-term O&M costs EEA expects to overhaul more than 200 wind turbine gearboxes over a period of approximately 15 years. The objective will be to dramatically reduce the risk of failure and improve the lifecycle of the existing gearboxes in the post-OEM warranty period.

Romax will undertake a full bearing analysis, selection, assembly and gearbox redesign concept assessment, complete with a detailed design and CAD analysis using RomaxWIND software and other packages. Romax will also provide manufacturing and test support, all designed to improve the system life and reliability of the turbine gearbox.

In addition to re-engineering the wind turbine gearbox design, the Romax InSight division has signed a five-year service agreement to deliver site engineering and predictive maintenance support at both wind farms. As part of this, Romax will provide recommendations on the serviceability of components for all gearboxes at both projects, including recommendations on refurbishments. Visits will be carried out to review ongoing processes and assist with process improvements, vibration measurement and confirmation of gearbox quality of installation, plus damage diagnosis.

Romax InSight will also provide SCADA health assessments, grease and oil monitoring support, and general consulting on drivetrain engineering and reliably issues.

Both projects represent a significant commitment by EEA to maximising the lifespan of its wind turbines. These thoughts were echoed by Joe Stevens, Vice President of Operations and Asset Management from EEA:

“It’s imperative that we ensure drivetrain efficiency, reliability and robustness to optimise the lifecycle of our wind turbines. The end of warranty with our OEM was the ideal time to overhaul the turbines across two of our most important projects. The agreement with Romax enables us to pro-actively achieve such optimisation with a high degree of confidence that our fleets will be able to continue operating in these challenging wind environments for years to come.”

Dr. Ashley Crowther, Global VP of the Romax InSight Division said:

“The project with EEA represents a significant investment for both parties as this is one of the largest ever aftermarket gearbox replacement projects ever undertaken in the US wind industry. Growing investment in wind technology means organisations are placing a greater emphasis on maintenance. Currently, 75 per cent of wind farm cost, both offshore and onshore, is tied to O&M. In light of this, wind farm operators need complete confidence in the technology, components and systems that are currently in place.”

“This project and the added service agreement aims to restore that level of assurance. We are confident that it will help EEA to remain one of the leading wind energy providers.”

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