Romax partnership with Inox hits 500th gearbox order

Romax, the design and engineering specialist, has demonstrated its commitment to maximising sustainable energy yields, across the wind energy industry, with the news that Indian based wind turbine manufacturer Inox Wind, has crossed its 500th order for its Romax designed 2MW wind turbine gearbox.

Wind power in India now accounts for almost 10 per cent of installed capacity and generates two per cent of the country’s power. Inox is striving to meet the demand of this market by providing integrated wind energy solutions including supplying complete wind turbines as well as providing turnkey projects. A key component to meeting this demand has stemmed from its relationship with Romax.

In 2009, Inox purchased the design for 2MW wind turbine gearboxes from Romax and currently has more than 400 gearboxes successfully operating. Romax has continued to work with Inox, providing manufacturing and certification support to help ensure production standards are maintained. The most recent turbine order will take this figure to over 500. Inox has been able to demonstrate high quality WTG, which are able to maximise wind energy, yields and power production by optimising wind turbine drive train performance and reliability.

The past five years has seen India develop into one of the fastest growing economies across the globe. This has resulted in an exponential increase in demand for energy and India currently has the fifth largest installed global wind capacity. Many Indian companies have partnered with specialists across the world to bring expertise to increase production capacity at a rate that does not hold back economic growth.

Mr Kailash Tarachandani, CEO, Inox comments: “We have worked closely together with Romax for six years – starting with gearbox design and then ensuring that high production standards are maintained and type certified across our suppliers.

“The strength of the Indian economy is a guarantee for the continued growth of renewable energy. So for us, choosing the right long-term partner has provided us with a stable platform to grow in the renewable market. We pride ourselves on our ability to compete on the basis of price, site selection, reliability, product quality, technology, and the scope and quality of services.

“Romax is able to provide us with the necessary assurances that our WTG drivetrain is well protected, through design improvements and regular inspections – together we are able to tackle the technical challenges facing the industry.”

Andy Poon, CEO for Romax Technology, commented: “The news that Inox has taken its 500th order for a Romax designed gearbox is a real milestone in not only our relationship with Inox but also our commitment to driving drivetrain reliability while reducing the cost of energy from wind power.

“Our focus has always been to invest in some of the industry’s brightest minds including strategic thinkers, technology innovators, experienced engineers and world leading software specialists. We have been developing and supplying innovative simulation tools and services for drivetrain and gearboxes for over 25 years and the relationship with Inox is a testament to that.”

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