Romax Technology and Comet Solutions announce partnership

Romax Technology Ltd. and Comet Solutions, Inc. announce a partnership between the two companies. Specifically, the agreement will provide users of RomaxDESIGNER software with the ability to create automated simulation processes that integrate CAD, FEA, Romax and others.

For over 25 years, RomaxDESIGNER has been the world leader in analytical solutions for system analysis of transmission, axle, and driveline systems.  RomaxDESIGNER enables users to quickly and accurately perform detailed analyses of critical performance attributes, including durability, efficiency and dynamics, including advanced features such as manufacturing variation and planetary sideband analysis.

Comet provides simulation automation and standardisation processes by seamlessly integrating the variety of tools used by gearbox/transmission product engineers, including CAD, finite element meshers, RomaxDESIGNER, structural analysis tools, fatigue life tools, packaging/tolerancing tools, and other detailed gear design tools. By integrating data and tools within a single automation environment that includes optimisation capabilities, Comet enhances the system analysis aspects of RomaxDESIGNER, providing product engineers with an unprecedented capability to explore the complex interactions between flexible structural components, such as  housings and planetary carriers, and the resulting gear, bearing and overall system performance.

Dan Meyer, Comet Solutions President and CEO, comments:

“Romax is widely recognized as a leading global provider of integrated software and services for gearbox, bearings and driveline systems.  Comet further extends the capabilities of RomaxDESIGNER creating an integrated and automated design and analysis environment. This allows users to invoke a variety of software tools for faster design evaluation.  While we are naturally excited by this partnership, the true beneficiaries are the world’s gearbox and drivetrain communities who will see sustained improvements in, design integrity, and time to market.”

Dan Poon, Romax Head of Partners, comments:

“This partnership brings to bear the expertise of two industry leaders. Comet’s proven ability to integrate and automate complex structural analysis procedures is central to this partnership. We are pleased to offer our current and future users practical solutions that will have a direct, measurable impact on productivity.”

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