Romax wins two year service agreement featuring power performance improvement of Shinan wind farm

Romax Technology, the world’s leading company in health assessment and yield improvement of wind turbine generators (WTG), has announced that it will be providing Shinan Wind Power (Shinan) with power performance improvement service for the Shinan wind farm.

Romax’ InSight division performed health assessments and analysis on the factors causing reduced productivity of Shinan wind farm. This was based on the past 3 years fleet turbine SCADA data and Romax identified the potential for a maximum of 5% growth in capacity.

As part of the agreement with Shinan, Romax will be responsible for managing the entire wind turbine fleet at Shinan, troubleshooting problems on turbines and guaranteeing a minimum of 3% improvement in capacity for the wind farm.

Ricky Cho, Sales Director at Romax InSight Korea commented:

“Romax has an unparalleled reputation for performance improvement of wind farms, which is based on our expertise in drivetrain technology, consulting, and software, plus diverse onsite experiences. We are confident that this project will help Shinan to achieve greater power generation across their turbine fleet.”

Find out more about Romax InSight’s wind farm solutions >>

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