Romax’s expertise and technology supports key projects in wind energy

We have been featured in PES Wind news for our work with NREL, focusing on the expertise and technology that we have brought to key projects.

The Gearbox Reliability Collaborative (GRC) is an initiative bringing together manufacturers, owners, researchers and engineering experts to recommend efficient and cost-effective improvements in the gearbox lifecycle. Romax Technology specialists have been instrumental in the design, simulation, analysis and optimisation for GRC gearbox phase 3 which will be tested in mid-2015. Romax’s flagship design software for the wind energy sector, RomaxWIND, has been used throughout the process.

We are also the mechanical engineering lead for a project to develop an innovative new wind turbine drivetrain which aims to overcome issues arising from large and unpredictable loads on gears and bearings.

“We have been delighted to help NREL on a range of projects so far. Our long-standing
collaborative working relationship over the years is a clear indication of Romax’s
commitment to driving innovation in the wind energy industry.”

Dr Ashley Crowther, Global Vice President for InSight, Romax Technology


Download our NREL case study (pdf)>>

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