South Korean Wind Farm benefits from Romax technical support service

Romax Technology has entered into an agreement to provide key technical support services, specialising in major component failure management, to onshore wind farm site located at Jeju Island in South Korea.

Romax previously undertook a performance improvement review of the site in 2012, aimed at providing the onshore wind farm with an increased capacity factor. Due to the success of the review, Romax recently signed a new contract that will see it continue supporting 11 turbines , with the aim of further increasing and improving efficiency, with Romax’s technical team residing on wind farm site every day.

Romax Technology uses its experience in wind turbine gearbox design and testing to provide key technical support services, enabling wind farm owners and operators to coordinate predictive maintenance strategies that reduce cost and improve the yield from their wind farms. Romax currently monitors over 2 GW of wind turbines globally.

Won Shin, Engineering Head at Romax Asia, said: “As wind turbines age, there becomes an increased risk that they could suffer a major failure, which means it is vital that they are managed and taken care of properly. Romax Korea has carried out onsite repairs and replacements of main components, including overhauls and upgrades, for numerous wind farms since we began providing our services in Korea in 2012. We look forward to continuing our work to make sure that turbines are the best they can be, helping customer run an effective and efficient farm which can successfully continue to produce energy.”

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