NVH Simulation: Volkswagen use RomaxDESIGNER to Develop Integrated Validation Strategies

Volkswagen is Europe’s biggest carmaker, with an annual group sales revenue (2015) of €202.5billion. Engineers at Volkswagen wanted to develop a reliable, repeatable and accurate validation strategy. If successful, this method would lead to time savings and more confident developments, both of which would help to satisfy the demands of the 12 leading brands they serve.

Volkswagen used a step-by-step process to check correlation between measurement and simulation at each stage: gear excitation, shafts systems, bearings, housing, and whole vehicle. When correlation is performed at each level like this, it is easy to pinpoint any discrepancies, thus avoiding time-consuming investigation. A single Romax model was used to build up the system at its various stages, which meant no time or effort wasted using different tools.

Carsten Schmitt, PhD student at Volkswagen, comments: “Only with RomaxDESIGNERcan we quickly and accurately investigate gear whine on a system level… The speed and unique system-level simulation which RomaxDESIGNER offers stand it apart from other products currently available on the market… We have developed a clear strategy to perform straightforward model updating procedures, and extended the validity and trust of our Romax gear whine models. Our design changes are not reliant on trial and error, but are based on proven, trustworthy simulation.”

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