Romax 2016 Global User Forums a roaring success

Each two day forum included a technology open day with our theme of ‘Technology Integration in an Electro-mechanical World: Optimise your Driveline Design Process’, across three main areas; automotive, wind and bearings. Delegates heard from our experts on many topics including electro-mechanical solutions for the automotive industry, fault diagnosis of wind turbine gearboxes, drivetrains, and bearings and the latest technology trends in the bearings industry.

Feedback from attendees was excellent with 100% rating their experience excellent with benefits in understanding the latest driveline trends, comprehending how our customers use our software to increase driveline efficiencies and in getting to know about our software capabilities. Responses include:

o   “I was very impressed with the progress of e-machine integration into Romax’ products that’s coming and the background work that’s gone into achieving it”

o   “Absolutely fantastic commitment and engagement of Romax experts.”

o   “It was very enlightening to see the case studies; the theories and models in the presentations were very informative.”

For more information on our presentations or to receive advanced notice of our free 2017 Global Forums please email:

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