Romax collaborate with Technical University Darmstadt to develop a simulation model to predict gearbox efficiency

Romax is supporting a PhD student from the Technical University Darmstadt in Germany on a project to develop a model that predicts the power loss of a complete transmission.

Every company within the automotive industry use their own methods to identify power loss. Developing a standard model that can simulate overall and individual power losses and thus provide a method to increase the efficiency and optimise the transmission will have huge potential.

The project will involve a complete system approach aiming to identify the main contributors to the power losses within the transmission through modelling of the vehicle transmission system and corresponding measurements in tests. The outcome will be to provide a systematic model for predicting combined and individual power losses for a complete transmission, leading to a new approach to give a fast means to predict the losses of the system.

Romax is providing their software expertise and engineering knowhow to support the project.

Detlev Runkel, Romax says ‘this is one of several projects we have been working with TU Darmstadt on over the last 3 years, and as well as creating a beneficial partnership, we really are paving the way to providing innovative engineering solutions for the rest of the world, creating standards and allowing others to solve their engineering problems Right First Time’.

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