Romax continues to uphold its unbeatable world record with latest 35th A-DA certificate

Romax is thrilled to have been awarded a 35th GL A-DA certificate for the NFAIC High Precision Transmission 3.3MW gearbox. This latest A-DA certificate was achieved through the company’s global engineering team and is a big milestone in highlighting its continued desire to develop reliable and accurate engineering that results in succinct planning to certification processes.

The certificates have be awarded for wind gearboxes used in turbines ranging from 1.5MW to beyond 5MW. The 35th certificate is related to a unique 3.3MW turbine which has an integrated drivetrain to achieve lighter weight, compact structure and cost efficiency. Romax engineering has added innovation to the design by enlarging the power rate without changing the packaging size (diameter of main gearing and housing) and using a flexible pin arrangement.

This is a great example of future engineering by Romax that looks to use existing information, engineering expertise and apply innovation to solve gearbox reliability issues within the wind industry. Making gearboxes more reliable, generate more power, more efficiently, all of which is great news for owners and operators, globally.

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