Romax InSight reaches key milestone of 500 turbines assessed with Field Pro

Field Pro allows the planning of daily work on a web portal, with technicians performing the field services and data submittal on a mobile app.  All photos, inspection comments, maintenance measurements and job durations are tracked for future analysis.  The streamlined work flow provides several hours of time savings per day per employee for field work, including end of warranty, commissioning inspections and routine maintenance.

The 555 wind turbines inspected to date represent a wide range of turbine platforms, including the top 5 OEMs.  Usage has spread globally, with roll out to users in North America, Europe, Asia and Central America.

Romax are working with customers to implement new functionality that streamlines their business functions, including aspects of health and safety, and machine learning that drives decision making and integration with other platforms.

“Our technicians used Field Pro for the end of warranty walkdown inspections. It was really easy to use, saved us a lot of time and we were very pleased with the quality of reports.” Brynjar Forsaa: Operations Manager at Nygardsfjellet Wind Farm

Ashley Crowther, InSight Global VP, discusses the benefits of moving to data-driven O&M, “We can already see the value of having every inspection point from a large project tracked.  In a recent case the data was analysed statistically and each photo of a particular component could be instantly compared across 100 turbines; from this basis a serial issue claim is more easily built for end of warranty.  I can’t see any point in large inspection projects being conducted by pen and paper ever again.  To wade through 100’s of reports to construct this claim would take days…or not even be obvious enough to happen.”

Won Shin, product manager, “The benefits in time savings and reporting quality are very clear for our customers. For example, for End of Warranty Inspection project, EDF RS told us 6 hours was saved per turbine and a total saving for a single project was 60,000 USD, let alone the additional benefit of all issues organized in software for search, tracking and visualization.”

Read more about the Field ProTM product and request demo here

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