Romax software simulation with new capabilities

The updates provide interested users early access to new features enabling them to make use of the very latest technology to troubleshoot and optimize driveline system designs. The software capabilities fall in line with Romax’ mission to continue to provide value to its customers through continuous improvement.

The driveline design and development software RomaxDESIGNER can now predict bearing stresses with a greater level of accuracy than has previously been possible, especially for problem cases where roller edge contact may be occurring. The contact model allows the severity of edge loading to be understood along with the effectiveness of measures implemented to reduce the problem. In addition  these bearing enhancements there are also improvements to the noise and vibration capabilities of the software. These include a Romax-developed methodology for assessing the “sideband” gear noise from planetary gearboxes; a unique capability in the industry, and a feature that automates the export of Romax analysis results into 3rd party Acoustic software to enable the prediction of radiated noise.

These changes are part of a global strategy to provide customers with the ability to streamline their design and development process, from early conception design, through to manufacture. Continuously improving its software is a passion of Romax in order to increase efficiency within the design process whilst supplying the industry with world-leading simulation capabilities.

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