Employees at Romax ‘Paws’ for Thought

A team of marketing people from Romax Technology HQ are spending a day volunteering at the Babbington Dogs Rescue Centre on Monday 15th July. The team of five animal lovers will be painting, cleaning and walking the dogs for a day in order to support the running of the rescue centre.

Corporate Communications Manager Mirelle Ball said ‘The marketing team have decided to dedicate our time to this charity, as part of an effort to help the wider community – led by examples from our global colleagues who regularly give up their time to support natural disasters or crisis work. As a business, we are very lucky to have paid days to participate in a Corporate Social Responsibility day of our choosing, and we hope this will be the first of many experiences.’

Across the year, Romax puts in place a flexible but active CSR strategy for its employees, which covers everything from employees who are STEM ambassadors, major cycling and marathon events, from picking an annual chosen charity – this year’s charity is the Lincs and Nottingham Air Ambulance, where monthly fund-raising events will be promoted throughout the company. Our colleagues in global offices also have their own strategies which are centred around reactions to important issues to them.

Romax Technology is a proactive business who are considerate to the needs of the wider community by encouraging and providing paid for days for employees to participate in activities that are personal or emotional to them, as part of its commitment and values to employee well-being.

To learn more about the fantastic work undertaken by Babbington Dog Rescue, or to find out how you can support or donate, please visit their website here.