Romax to give technical paper on its innovative approach to holistic EV design at CTI Shanghai

The CTI Symposium, home of the worlds international Transmission and Drive Community returns to Shanghai, 23rd-25th September 2019.

CTI China, part of the CTI world series, provides the most comprehensive agenda and specialist exhibition for those seeking the latest information on developments in automotive transmissions and drives for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. This year will be focused on Automotive Drivetrains, Intelligent, Electrified.

We are delighted to be presenting a technical paper titled, ‘Innovative systems approach to the design of gearbox, motor and power electronics’.

It is well accepted that the optimum design of an EV powertrain is achieved not through the optimisation of individual sub-systems in isolation, but the optimisation of the complete powertrain. The trend towards ever increasing integration of the sub-systems makes this more important. This paper outlines an approach developed by Romax Technology which looks to address why adopting changes to the traditional systems engineering approach is crucial in managing the complexity of complex systems consisting of multiple sub-systems, recognising causal relationships between the systems.

Examples covering the interaction between gearbox, motor and power electronics in terms of dynamic and thermal behaviour are covered, and their practical application to the turnkey design of EV powertrains is illustrated.

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