Our recent graduates and interns tell us about their experience so far at Romax


Graduate schemes are work-based training programmes which act as a valuable bridge between university and working life: they provide excellent opportunities to gain hands-on experience and a broad understanding of your chosen profession, whilst bringing about the development of interpersonal and teamwork skills.

At Romax Technology we work hard to provide opportunities for future talent through our Graduate and Intern schemes with a challenging environment where graduates can thrive. With numerous benefits including competitive salary and opportunity to travel globally, competition is often fierce.

We asked the graduates and interns who recently joined Romax about their experience on our graduate scheme and what advice they would give to future applicants:

What do you believe are the key skills you need to be part of a graduate/internships scheme?

Holly – Aside from the technical skills required to work in a specific company, it’s important to approach tasks with the right attitude. Ensuring that you share the same values, creativity and desire to learn is crucial! In order to get the most out of your scheme/internship, it’s important to ask for advice and engage with as many people within the company as possible.

Lucy – The ability to take initiative and guide your own work is vital – when there are gaps in project work, we need to use this time to learn new skills, practice using the software, and get to know the company better, so we are prepared when it gets busy again!

Pablo – Being able to communicate your ideas and your knowledge to other people, learn quickly, think outside the box, and self-motivation are the key skills required during the graduate scheme.

Matthew – Being able to learn quickly (and that’s learning about how to do your role as well as learning who to ask when you need help) and have good interpersonal skills.

Marissa – Communication is important because you will have to go around the company asking people for answers to your questions.

João – You must enjoy what you do and continuously strive for doing things right first time.

In your opinion, how will your experience in a graduate scheme help you to fulfil your career goals?

Matthew – A grad scheme usually provides the opportunity to work within different areas of the company meaning your high-level knowledge is very complete. This means that when you become an expert in the areas that you work in, you still maintain a good understanding of the entire project.

Holly – As the interns work on real projects, often directly relevant to customers, you are exposed very quickly to the kind of requirements that industry projects are faced with.

Marissa – A graduate scheme allows me to rotate through different departments, every day I learn something new.

Lucy – By allowing me to travel and work with people from a wide range of countries and cultures, so I can develop my language and communication skills alongside technical engineering skills.

Pablo – It’s a great opportunity to work in different teams and to learn from different areas across the company.

João – I have acquired transferable skills that will prove invaluable in many circumstances; from time management to an acute technical insight, all these skills allow me to make sensible and thoughtful decisions based on solid engineering principles.

What advice would you give to future applicants?

Matthew – Don’t worry if your expertise doesn’t exactly line up with the criteria on the job advert.  It’s more important that you’re enthusiastic about the work that the company does, or the area of the company you’re applying for, and you can show your ability to learn quickly.

João – Be confident about your work and what you have accomplished. Try to demonstrate your potential without exceeding what you are, just be yourself.

Lucy – On your interview day, take time to talk to the other graduates/interns, so you can get a feel for the company culture and decide if it will suit you- and above all be yourself!

Pablo – Do some research and read some of the resources that have been published in the company website.

Marissa – My main advice would be to be yourself and have an open mind.

Holly – Internships are a fantastic opportunity to explore what working in industry will be like. You’ll have the chance to learn relevant skills in the workplace and to apply the knowledge you have gained over the course of your degree.

A place on Romax’s Global Graduate Scheme will kick start your own remarkable career with opportunities to get involved in live projects right from the start, to learn from industry experts and to be part of world leading innovation in advanced gear, driveline and bearings systems design, working alongside electrical/mechanical engineers and our software experts. Read more: