Romax Accelerates Driveline Development and Reduces Cost with New CAD FUSION Solution

Romax Technology has announced the launch of CAD FUSION, a robust data interoperability plug-in for moving model data quickly and easily between the company’s flagship RomaxDESIGNER and CONCEPT products and third party CAD and gear design applications and tools.

Developed in direct response to customer demand, CAD FUSION addresses one of the most urgent requirements gearbox and driveline designers and analysts face today: how to quickly, accurately and easily ‘read in’ CAD models into their design and analysis systems.

CAD FUSION plugs in to the company’s RomaxDESIGNER and CONCEPT solutions, enabling users to efficiently import and work on CAD models within those solutions rather than having to rebuild them from scratch.

“The new CAD FUSION plug-in helps to enable our goal of enabling the end to end planning to manufacturing process and also supports our focus on more open systems and solutions,” says Romax Technology product manager, Simon White. “The sophisticated import capabilities that the solution supports will help accelerate driveline development and reduce costs, significantly improving the productivity of an organization’s design resources.”

By developing CAD FUSION, Romax Technology will also be able to streamline its customers’ gear manufacturing processes, automating the link between design and manufacturing, and enabling a seamless and lossless workflow between the two disciplines. This saves time, money and resources for Romax customers while reducing the incidence of errors in the process.

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