Romax Energy: a global efficiency prediction tool for electro-mechanical transmissions

Romax Energy is a fast and accurate prediction tool of load dependent, and load independent losses, for predicting both component and system level efficiency.

Efficiency is essential if you are to navigate the sea of government and institutional tax levies on driveline efficiency, to meet the ever-demanding needs of an environmentally ethical and conscious world. Romax Energy gives you confidence in your design, that it will meet and surpass fuel consumption and emissions targets set, reducing postproduction frustrations, headaches and stalled advancements.

Commonplace on the market is the need for advanced methods to predict transmission power losses, and pinpoint where improvements can be made, to optimise efficiency performance and ensure targets are met. With Romax’s Right First Time philosophy, you can design truly optimised products, faster and more reliably; choosing the right gear and bearing design and the best oil for optimal transmission efficiency.

Over the years, Romax have completed projects that have resulted in significant energy savings. For example, we partnered with Bosch, GKN, Renault, Fuchs and other key organisations in the ODIN project (Optimised electric Drivetrain by INtegration), co-funded by the European Union (FP7). This project resulted in a 2% increase in overall system efficiency and a 50% reduction in cost. Through introducing innovative simulation technologies to reduce overall cost, this project stimulated growth in the European EV market.

Then there was EDISON (Electric drivetrain Integration by Simulation and OptimisatioN); which saw Romax Technology lead a multimillion-pound collaborative project with Dassault Systѐmes, GRM, the University of Sheffield, Jaguar Land Rover, and the National Physics Laboratory. This project was to drive the next generation design of highly efficient, low noise and durable electrified drive systems.

The knowledge gained through active participation and leadership of such collaborative research projects, coupled with 30 years of industry experience in transmission design, is embodied in our commercially available dedicated efficiency product: Romax Energy.

“The methodology used allows advanced parametric studies to be carried out in an all-in-one-approach with Romax Software, to consider the effect of a wide range of design changes on efficiency at the same time as durability and NVH performance.”

Romax Energy provides the foundations of global efficiency prediction for electro-mechanical transmissions, consistently one step ahead, driving future market advancements through developing next generation software to ensure your next efficiency needs are met, before your competitors begin to think about theirs.