Romax Expand A Growing Ecosystem of Electromagnetic Partners

At Romax, we have been fostering partnerships for decades. From software partners, to academic, research or industrial, we understand that we are stronger together. Not only do our partnerships strengthen our software, to provide our customers with integrated, seamless, multi-faceted workflows, they also further our own knowledge and help us in our drive to continuously learn and improve.

Last year, as part of our Romax platform, we released our first dedicated tool for electrical machine simulation, Romax Evolve. Based on decades of previous experience in electrification research, consultancy, and simulation, Evolve provides reliable structural and NVH analysis of electrical machines. It’s a powerful piece of kit, however, those who get the most out of Evolve are users who benefit from its multiple interfaces and workflows to other tools. Thanks to Romax’s active partnership scheme, Evolve sits at the heart of a complete development process, from CAD to full system CAE, from FE structural analysis to acoustic analysis.

Interfaces with electromagnetic tools are particularly important for the electrical machine designers who regularly use Evolve. Whilst Romax software has featured links with Motor-CAD and Dassault Opera since 2017, an interface with JMAG was recently announced, and we are now proud to include Ansys Maxwell within our ecosystem.

Ansys© Maxwell©  is an electromagnetic field simulation software for the design and analysis of electric motors, actuators, sensors, transformers and other electromagnetic and electro-mechanical devices. Electromagnetic forces (stator tooth forces and torque ripple), can be exported from these electromagnetic analysis tools for use in Romax Evolve, where users can perform structural and NVH analysis of the electrical machine. Passing all necessary data within a single datafile simplifies the analysis workflow between the tools, reducing data handling and minimising the risk of user error.

Thanks to our growing electromagnetic ecosystem, moving between electromagnetic and mechanical simulation is easy, with a combined physics simulation methodology to target failure mechanisms that the Romax electrification community recognise as critical issues. All of our interfaces to electromagnetic partners are also available within Romax Spectrum, to incorporate the electrical machine into a complete parametric model of the powertrain for full system NVH simulation.

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