Romax Invited to Participate in JSAE 2018

Romax have been invited to participate in the JSAE Workshop on the 24th May 2018, from 10.10-10.40.

Dr Melanie Michon, Head of Electrification at Romax Technology, will be giving a paper on Electric Vehicle Drivetrain Solutions.

Dr. Michon has nineteen years of professional experience, including over 12 years’ academic experience, leading to strong expertise in the fields of electrical machines and power electronics across a range of industries. She has established a Centre of Excellence for Electrification at Romax Technology, successfully developed and commercialised new electrical and electro-mechanical software and service capabilities, and she is leading several research projects in new electrical machine and electrification areas.

The paper abstract is below: 

The move from ICE vehicles to electric has brought with it an increased level of integration between the drivetrain gearbox and electric machine to comply with performance and packaging requirements.  The compact nature of these products and the target for high efficiency makes for an extremely demanding thermal environment for the engineer to manage.  The additional excitations from the machine and removal of the engine, which has traditionally masked tonal gear noise, now make NVH considerations more important.

Registration is due to open soon. In the meantime, please visit the JSAE website for more information about the workshop (currently in Japanese only):

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