Romax Technology Expands Cooperation with Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry through TÜMOSAN

Romax Technology, a global leader in software and services for rotating and electric machinery, expands its cooperation with the Turkish defence and aerospace industry through TÜMOSAN. The agreement foreseeing the use of Romax Technology’s solutions by TÜMOSAN – one of Turkey’s leading companies in the field of engines and tractors that has also begun to operate in the field of defence industry recently – was signed in November 2017. The last time TÜMOSAN was in the news was on October 18, when the company announced it would place its bid for the National Powerpack Development Project of the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries.

Starting from the second half of 2016, TÜMOSAN, which uses various different computer-assisted engineering tools, began to utilise the solutions of Romax Technology, represented by ANOVA in Turkey, both for its defence and tractor groups. Accordingly, Romax Technology provided training for TÜMOSAN staff, and the three-month trial versions of Romax Technology products were installed at TÜMOSAN premises. During this process, Romax Technology staff also carried out demonstrations that included comprehensive solutions for sample problems. Once the TÜMOSAN officials determined that Romax Technology’s solutions provide the right tools for their needs, procurement talks began between the two companies, culminating in the signing of a contract that includes support for a four-year period.

The solutions of Romax Technology are used in design of drivetrain assemblies of ground vehicles; in transmission design specific to the maritime industry; in the design of transmissions for helicopters; and in the design of gearboxes for critical applications. These solutions are also preferred by the world’s leading automotive companies. In the case of TÜMOSAN, Romax Technology products will enable the execution of specialised analyses at a system level, particularly for drivetrains.