RomaxDESIGNER optimises gearbox and axle designs to deliver improvements faster

Expert consultants Adrian Technologies (ATech) work with clients across the defence, agriculture, off-highway, and mining industries. Aiming to help their clients to make informed decisions earlier, ATech use RomaxDESIGNER for whole system simulation to support gearbox and driveline optimisation. By investigating multiple concepts and designs, they can make sure they focus on the most effective, and therefore reap significant time savings.

ATech’s core services include concept studies, benchmarking and concept selection, layout, detailed drawing and supplier selection, and prototypes, testing and production release. With projects typically lasting 1-3 years, a client normally gets in touch when they have a development in mind but can’t find an acceptable solution. Through using intelligent design optimisation enabled by RomaxDESIGNER, ATech ensure their clients find a higher quality solution, and save both time and cost.

“Using RomaxDESIGNER we can explore parameters and investigate different alternatives in the concept phase, and do so within very short time scales. One of the biggest time savings is in the simulation of measured/defined load cycles into the one used during testing. A key advantage of RomaxDESIGNER is we can easily implement other drivetrain components to simulate the complete system – even if we have no responsibility over those components, we can still observe the potential impacts.”

Prof. D.-Ing Jörg Adrian, General Manager, Adrian Technologies GmbH. 

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