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The words on everyone’s lips are climate change 

Opinions as to the magnitude and the immediacy of the climate crisis may vary, as do the solutions, but the acceptance of man-made climate change being due to CO2, and the need for action, is near universal. Many companies are signalling their commitment to reducing climate change. However, closer inspection will reveal who is really committed to making a material change to our society.

Romax Technology is proud to have contributed in many ways and across many industries to global material reductions in CO2 emissions. We believe that the answer to tackling this issue is in collaborating, sharing, innovating and adopting new technologies and applying this approach globally. Whether it is for the generation of energy to power society or the consumption of energy for personal or public transport, the ‘engineering of energy’ always returns to a familiar theme — rotating machines.

It can be the gearbox and generator that sit behind the blades in a wind turbine, the gearbox and motor which drive an electric vehicle, or the super-advanced aero engine power gearbox which has the potential to achieve a step-change in the energy efficiency of commercial air-travel. Rotating machines, and the optimization of their performance, is central to industry’s fight against global warming.

We are pleased to look back across our 30 years to highlight some example of how Romax has worked across various industries, globally, in making key changes to engineering, and in developing cutting edge technologies that form a crucial part in sustainable engineering.

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