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Tips from Romax to women seeking a career in engineering

It’s widely known that men outnumber women within STEM careers. For some time now, women have been underrepresented, particularly within engineering. However, with the right support and mindset, being a woman in a male-dominated sector shouldn’t be a daunting task. We asked Romax female employees what advice they could give to women seeking a career in engineering:

1. Consider gaining work experience in the field that you’re interested in before committing to a degree. This is an excellent opportunity to gain real experience in Engineering, it also teaches young engineers about the general working environment and non-technical skills that an engineering job requires. This will put you ahead of others in maturity and experience that can be used during your degree.

2. For pupils that may be put off an academic route into engineering, look into apprenticeship schemes. Many companies in industry offer good schemes that include paid training and on-the-job experience from the start. Apprentices can also find good opportunities for career progression.

3. Seek out role models and mentors – they can be a great source of stimulation to instigate your thought process and creativity, helping you to identify and achieve career goals.

4. Join a support network to be able to talk about your situation with someone who has been in your position and can offer you insights and encouragement.

5. Remember your accomplishments so far – It can be common to experience imposter syndrome where you feel like you don’t deserve what you’ve achieved, and this can be damaging to your confidence.

6. Don’t underestimate the value of communication skills in engineering – as essential as technical know-how, the way you interact with other people is very important. Actively participate in discussions, listen to other people and share your ideas.

7. Taking time to look after your mental health (e.g. through exercise, hobbies, taking breaks) and having a positive mindset will make it easier to take opportunities and overcome anything that might seem intimidating in a male-dominated environment.

At Romax we are proud to encourage women in engineering to join our company. We offer opportunities from internships and graduate scheme programmes, to more experienced roles located throughout the world in our seven global offices. Visit our Careers page to find out more.