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Top 10 Tips from Romax to engineers working from home

You’ve already seen many tips to better work from home, but what about some tips from engineers to engineers? Check what Romax experts have to say:

1. If you’re working on a laptop, do what you can to move to a bigger, dedicated monitor – don’t spend eight hours staring at a tiny screen!

2. Properly separate your work and home-time by turning your work machine off when you’re done…unless you’re leaving your analyses runs over night, when energy might be cheaper.

3. Get creative – start learning a new programming language, give yourself a challenge to build something and smash it.

4. Keep hydrating – it’s easy to fall out of the habit when there’s no office watercooler but staying hydrated is critical for your body and brain!

5. Stretch your legs every hour – set a timer or use a fitness tracker app or device like a FitBit to get reminders to move.

6. Time your analysis, compiler or test runs to give you a hydration or movement break.

7. Stay social – connect to and use a general chat channel or group on your company’s messaging platform.

8. Use multiple screens if you can, one for ‘work’ and one for ‘communication’ (e-mail and instant messaging for example).

9. If you can, use a Webcam – even engineers can feel socially isolated when going a while without seeing a friendly face!

10. Keep your regular work hours and remember to put on work clothes – the novelty of working in pyjamas quickly wears off!

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